We are Authentic Wedding Photgography

Two photographers with the heart in bavaria - and a view for the world.

Authentic Wedding was born

What started as a spontaneous photographer meeting in Oberfranken, led to a new friendship. We set up our appearance as photography duo - and not just at exhibitions or some logo designs. Especially the direct contact to our clients changed the way we were taking photos. This is how our photographic style could develop, which is everything but not factual and clean.

What can you expect?

By looking back on two years with countless weddings, our style developed how we wanted it to do. And this can only happen together with you: With the trust of our clients we are shooting pictures that statisfy not only our clients. They also make ourselves very proud. You can expect a photoshooting, which is not about to hold your chin in the right angle. Rather it will be a relaxed shooting with a lot of fun where you can be yourself.

Weddings are our life

We make a big part of our living out from our photography passion. What started as a hobby transformed into a reliable service for our couples. With around 15 weddings per year being photographed by each of us we can serve with our knowledge from the first e-mail. On location we are working with doubled camera gear, have an insurance and the routine to capture your day forever in all details.

Single Introduction

The photographer duo

Markus Thoma aus Selb / Oberfranken

As photographer and designer he finished his mediadesign studies in 2016. Since then he started to work as creative portrait photographer. He also writes his own photography blog and creates designs for his clients. Also for Authentic Wedding he designed quite a lot things.

Dominik Garban aus Konnersreuth / Oberpfalz

Er fotografiert seit mehreren Jahren hauptsächlich Porträts. Wie auch Markus war er bisher ebenfalls die fotografische Begleitung vieler Hochzeiten. Wenn er sich nicht gerade auf fotografischer Mission befindet, betätigt er sich sportlich auf dem Eis oder auf dem Rasen.

He has been photographing portraits for years, too. He started to cover wedding days some years ago. When he's not on our photographic in the meantime, he likes playing ice hockey.