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Passionate wedding photography by Markus Thoma & Dominik Garban

The end of posed wedding photos - we want the moment, what it was really like. With all emotions. Transformed into a picture.

Euer Hochzeitsfotograf in Oberpfalz und Oberfranken

We want to experience your wedding. Not as a stranger, but as a friend. This is how we capture the moments in it’s best way – real, close and unposed. You won’t even notice us documenting your day.

For years we’ve been photographing portraits and emotional reports of wedding days. Now we found together with a new mission: To tell your wedding story – with two cameras and four eyes.

So no detail, moment or photo will get lost. Perfect for everyone who doesn’t want their photos to be taken by chance. Discover a new way, how your wedding day can be documented for eternity.

– Dominik & Markus

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Hochzeitsfotorgaf im Viereck Weiden, Bayreuth, Regensburg und Nürnberg

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"You've added another unique detail to our wedding day. The positive and humorous way you do your job got us through this special day. Thank you very much for this! The pictures we got are like your name says it: Authentic! We had a great day and will be reminded to it forever by your photos." - Tina & Sven

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About us

Who is authentic wedding?

We are two young and ambitious photographers from Bavaria. Our passion are emotional photos, which have an unposed and real feeling. We photographed many weddings in the area of our home Oberfranken and Oberpfalz - especially in the region of Bayreuth, Weiden, Nuremberg and Regensburg. When we're not on our mission for emotional wedding photos, we live our liking for music, art and food.

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