We want to answer some questions, that are often asked by our couples.


How long before the wedding should I safe the date with my photographer?

Many couples ask a bit too late before their wedding day (sometimes there is no other possibility). But if you have the chance, you should ask as soon as possible and write us an e-mail. So you get the photographer you like best and not just the one who had the date open. We recommend contacting us between 6 - 12 months before your wedding.

We would like an offer for coverage of our day. Do you offer bundles or individual combinations?

We offer both. We've got a row of bundles, that are being booked most of the times. But every wedding day is different - so we like to talk to you on the phone to go through your day. We can give you some tips and get an idea, what you really want and what's important. Then we can create the right offer and individual bundle for you.

Why should we book a professional photographer for our wedding?

Your wedding is going to be unique. And so will every single moment of it be. If you miss one of these, it will be gone forever. In this case it will be a pity that you could not safe this moment to discover it again 20 years later. Many couples want to safe money by not booking a professional photographer and ask their guests to take some pictures. Later they realize that they did not take many pictures, they could proudly show to their friends. For your photographer friends the day will also be no party, but a full workday. Furthermore they have not enough experience to cover a full wedding day. Because of these reasons we highly recommend investing some money in a good wedding photographer.

In what area can we book your service?

As we love to travel we are open for bookings worldwide. It does not matter where your wedding is or where you come from. Send us a short e-mail and we will give you a offer including travel costs.

Do I need the coverage of the "Getting ready"?

We can not answer this question in general - but we think most of the times this part of the wedding will complete your picture story in the end. We can also cover the bride's and groom's getting ready at the same time, as we are photographing with two photographers.

Can we get to know each other before the wedding?

We would really like to get to know you and talk about your wedding day. Depending on where you live we can meet on a coffee or make a phone call. This is a bit more personal than justing writing emails.

Are you offering simple couple- and engagement photoshootings?

Yes - we are photographing not just full wedding days. You can also book a simple couple - oder engagement portrait photoshooting. You could use these photos for your invitation cards.

Is there a minimum booking duration?

In our summer months (May - October) we can offer to cover your saturday wedding at a minimum of 6 hours. We can't offer just bridal couple portraits or reports under this duration. If you just want a single portrait photoshooting we can make up a date on another day than saturday.

Will we get all photos that you were taking?

It's part of our job not just to send as many photos as possible. Instead we want to deliver a high quality photo series of which you can show every single picture proudly to your friends. By photographing special scenes, we take around 30 photos of the same moment to get THE shot. We will identify the best shot (and some other good ones) and edit them in our picture style. Those which are not sharp, someone closed the eyes by accident or looks not that good in any other way will be sorted out. With our eye for photography and experience we know what to do to create a nice photo series, that you will never forget.

When and how will we get our photos?

When your wedding day ends, our work just starts: We go through all your photos and edit them in our style. You will get the photos in a consistent style in full resolution on an extra USB Stick. On top of that you get prints of the bridal couple portrait shooting and the group shot. It will take max. 6 weeks until you get your pictures.

How can we make the booking safe?

After we talked to each other and you got your individual offer, we write down every detail in our wedding photography contract. This is important, because between our appointment and the wedding is much time left - often more than a year. On the other hand we need you to make a deposit. This is because you will block all other request for this wedding day.

Can you stay longer at our wedding than we booked you at first?

Just ask us on your wedding (or as soon as you know it), if we can cover more hours than planned. Most of the times we can easily stay longer, but we need to check that from case to case. The cost of overtime coverage are written also down in our contract so you have the full overview.

Can we talk and go through our day on the phone?

We would love to talk to you, because it's much easier than writing e-mails most of the cases. You can ask us all your questions and we get all information that is important to create an individual offer for your day.

Do you need a seat at our wedding?

If we cover your day until the evening after dinner, we would appreciate a seat and a meal very much.

If you have further questions you can contact us at any time. We are looking forward your e-mail to hi@authenticwedding.de!