What our bundles consist of

Our photography bundles usually consist of the following blocks

Bridal Couple Portrait Photoshooting

In our authentic and natural way we will photograph some nice portraits of the bridal couple. You can also book this photoshooting as an After Wedding Shooting.

Registry Office Coverage

The procedure in the registrar's office contains more emotions than anyone will think of before. We will stay at your site and cover also this legal step for you.

Getting Ready & First Look

The report of your getting ready will complete your whole story in a new way. If you book both photographers, you will be able to see a chronological order of the photos in the end. But even with one photographer it's a nice part of every wedding story. We will also look forward to cover your reaction when you see each other for the first time!

Report of the Wedding party

After the legal and serious parts the party starts. We will deliver photos from your cake, dance, dinner, location and many more small details. So nothing will get lost, what you planned for a very long time.

Engagement- and Couple Photoshooting

As wedding photographer we also photograph your engagement in the same way. Simple Couple Portraits are open to book, too. You can use these photos e.g. for your invitation cards.